Palawan’s Top 6 Best Foods: Don’t Miss These Delicious Delicacies

Palawan Mud Lobster

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Palawan’s cuisine is a delectable fusion of Filipino, Malay, and Spanish flavors. From seafood delicacies to meaty stews, here are some must-eat dishes that will delight any foodie’s palate. Filipino food has a variety of tasty dishes beyond balut, thanks to lots of seafood, fruits, and inventive chefs,” CNN Travel says. Chef Anthony Bourdain called sisig a “delicious mix of pig parts” and said lechon was the best roasted pig dish he ever tried.

The Philippines is now among the top ten countries with the tastiest food. Palawan is a great spot to try Filipino dishes, whether from street stalls or restaurants.


When you’re in Palawan, don’t miss out on trying these delicacy foods:


Palawan | Tamilok
Palawan | Tamilok

“They’re called ‘worms’ because they’re slimy and look like them, but they’re not really worms (trust me!). They taste like oysters and you can buy them in Puerto Princesa, where locals sell them. People usually marinate them with calamansi, vinegar, chili (labuyo), and chopped onions. You can get it at lots of restaurants in Puerto Princesa, but the most famous place is Kinabuchs Grill and Bar on Rizal Avenue.


Palawan | Crocodile Sisig
Palawan | Crocodile Sisig

You can ask to have it marinated with lime or soy sauce and extra spices or herbs. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even have it cooked like Bicol Express, especially if you like spicy food! Crocodile meat tastes like chicken, with a mild flavor and firm texture. It’s a healthy option with lots of protein and low fat. Kinabuchs Grill and Bar is the best spot to give it a try.


Palawan | Mud Lobsters
Palawan | Mud Lobsters

You should definitely try the mud crab, often cooked with coconut milk and chili, or steamed with vegetables. And if you’re in Coron, Palawan, check out Lobster King for a variety of delicious seafood dishes.


Palawan | Lato Seaweed
Palawan | Lato Seaweed

Lato seaweed, also known as sea grapes or green caviar, is a popular dish in Palawan due to its tender and juicy texture. It complements fried dishes well and is usually served with salt or vinegar. While it’s common in the Philippines and nearby areas, the best quality Lato seaweed comes from the municipality of Cuyo in Palawan. Cuyo, Palawan is a great destination known for its group of islands with beautiful white sand beaches, perfect for activities like snorkeling, island hopping, and simply relaxing on the beach. Lato salad has become a favorite among travelers visiting Cuyo. Kalui Restaurant, also located on Rizal Avenue in Puerto Princesa, is another spot where you can try this delicious Lato salad.


Palawan | Chao Long
Palawan | Chao Long

Vietnamese immigrants introduced Chao Long noodles to Palawan. In Puerto Princesa, these noodles come with flat, thin rice noodles in a sweet-savory broth with beef or pork. You can taste them at Rene’s Saigon Restaurant on Rizal Avenue, which also serves other Vietnamese dishes.

6. Danggit Lamayo

Palawan | Danggit Lamayo
Palawan | Danggit Lamayo

When visiting Coron, don’t miss the chance to try the local favorite, danggit lamayo. It is made by marinating sun-dried rabbitfish in a mixture of vinegar, garlic, and pepper, and is commonly served for breakfast at hotels and guesthouses.

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