Caution: Please note that the information provided in this guide on how to stack Lazada Vouchers is based on general knowledge and practices at the time of writing. Stack Lazada Voucher policies and terms may vary over time, and it is crucial to refer to Lazada’s official guidelines and terms for the most up-to-date information. Always review and adhere to Lazada’s specific instructions and regulations regarding voucher stacking to ensure a smooth and compliant shopping experience.

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We will walk you through the process of stacking vouchers in Lazada to unlock incredible discounts and get the best bang for your buck. Get ready to dive into the world of voucher stacking and revolutionize your online shopping experience.

Types of Lazada Vouchers

Lazada offers various types of vouchers, including storewide, category-specific, and product-specific vouchers.

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Lazada Vouchers Terms and Conditions

Before stacking vouchers, carefully read and understand the terms and conditions associated with each voucher.

Types of Lazada Vouchers

  • Lazada Platform Voucher: Lazada issued vouchers issued in the form of collectible vouchers. For every checkout order, only one (1) Lazada Platform Voucher can be utilized. The system would automatically apply the better-valued voucher upon checkout.
  • Cashback Voucher is also considered a Lazada Platform Voucher. You would not be able to stack a Cashback Voucher with another Lazada Platform Voucher. You can stack your Platform Voucher with all the other categories of Collectible Voucher (example: Payment Voucher)
  • Payment Voucher: Lazada offers bank partnership discounts in the form of collectible vouchers. To use your bank voucher once you have collected it, select an eligible card when on the checkout/payment page. The discount will be automatically applied once you have selected an eligible credit/debit card and met the T&Cs.
  • Only one (1) Payment Voucher can be utilized at every checkout. You are able to stack your Payment Voucher with all the other categories of Collectible Voucher (example: Payment Voucher).
  • Shipping Fee Voucher: Shipping Fee Discount is issued in the form of a collectible voucher. The collected Shipping Fee Voucher will be automatically applied if you meet a minimum spending value and T&Cs.
  • Store Voucher: Store-specific vouchers are issued by Sellers. These vouchers can be collected from the store itself and can be applied per item or on all items, with or without minimum spending depending on the Seller’s configuration.
  • Other types of vouchers:
  • Voucher Codes – Received a Lazada Gift Card with a voucher code to be applied? You would only need to enter the voucher code before your checkout and click ‘Apply’ for the discount to be immediately reflected on your final payment value.

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Multiple Lazada Vouchers

Collect multiple vouchers from Lazada’s voucher section, promotional emails, and social media channels.

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Checkout Lazada Vouchers

Start by applying storewide vouchers during checkout, followed by category-specific vouchers for additional discounts.

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Collectible vouchers are automatically applied once you meet the voucher terms and conditions. If you have both Lazada and Seller vouchers, both can be applied in the same order. If you wish to change/choose the voucher applied to your order, please follow the steps below:

* At the Checkout page, scroll down to the Vouchers section under Subtotal. The discounts applied to your order will be listed.

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Applicable Product For Vouchers

Look for product-specific vouchers applicable to the items you want to purchase and apply them on top of other vouchers.

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Lazada Promotions

Stay updated on Lazada’s promotions, flash sales, and limited-time offers to maximize your savings.

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Lazada Voucher Combinations

Experiment with different combinations of vouchers to find the ones that yield the highest savings.

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Stay Updated!

Stacking vouchers in Lazada is a smart way to stretch your budget and get the most out of your online shopping experience. By understanding the various voucher types, checking their terms and conditions, and strategically combining them, you can unlock significant discounts and enjoy more value for your money. Start stacking Lazada vouchers today and take your savings to the next level!

Remember to regularly check Lazada’s voucher section and stay updated on their latest promotions for ongoing opportunities to stack vouchers and enjoy incredible deals. Happy shopping and happy saving!

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