Explore Baguio’s Best: Top Places to Visit in 2024

 Baguio Top Places

Baguio City is ready to wow visitors with its many attractions that promise a memorable trip. You can’t miss Burnham Park, where you can take relaxing boat rides surrounded by beautiful trees. Then there’s Mines View Park, which offers amazing views of the city and mountains. At night, check out the vibrant Baguio Night Market for local crafts and yummy street food. Whether you love history, nature, or food, Baguio City has something special for everyone in 2024.

Baguio City is a popular tourist spot in the Philippines known as the “City of Pines” and “the Summer Capital of the Philippines.” It’s the main city in the Cordillera Region and offers a lot to do for visitors. Its cool weather, easy access from Metro Manila, and numerous attractions make it a favorite destination for both local and international tourists all year round.

Baguio City

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Manila to Baguio Bus Ticket

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Top Places to visit in Baguio

1. Capture a picture of the Lion’s Head.

As you travel along Kennon Road to Baguio City, you can’t miss the famous Lion’s Head landmark. It’s a big rock carved into the shape of a lion’s head, and it lets you know you’re getting close to the city. The idea for this iconic structure came from members of the Lions Club in Baguio City back in 1972. Make sure to spot it on your journey to Baguio Cityβ€”it’s a must-see!

Baguio, Lions Head

2. Atok Gardens Day Tour

Experience a guided tour to Northern Blossom Flower Farm, Haight’s Place, and Tayao Gardens in Atok, Benguet. Marvel at the stunning array of flowers at Northern Blossom Flower Farm. Enjoy a unique tour aboard a Creative Tourist Jeepney in Baguio.

Baguio Atok Gardens

3. Visit Baguio Historical Tour with Country Club

Discover Baguio’s history with a guided tour that includes round-trip transfers. Visit the historic Baguio Country Club, a well-known establishment in the city. Experience a unique tour on a Creative Jeepney in Baguio (if available). Choose between a private full-day/half-day tour or join a group tour.

Baguio Historical Tour with Country Club

4. Mt. Pulag Hiking Tour

Embark on an exciting hiking trip to Mt. Pulag, the third highest mountain in the Philippines. Experience the breathtaking sight of a sea of clouds once you reach the summit. Enjoy a unique tour aboard a Creative Tourist Jeepney in Baguio, if it’s available. This adventure is perfect for beginner hikers.

Mt. Pulag Hiking from Baguio

5. Baguio Instagram Walking Tour

Come and explore the most Instagram-worthy spots in the city! A licensed tour guide, skilled in photography, will lead you to the best places for Instagram photos. Get your cameras ready, strike your best poses, and prepare for lots of likes on your social media! Whether you’re solo or with friends, you’re sure to have a day full of Instagram-worthy moments!

Baguio Instagram Walking

6. Baguio Cultural Tour with Easter Weaving

Experience the rich culture and heritage of the Cordilleras with our Baguio Cultural Tour, complete with round-trip transfers. Witness talented weavers creating stunning hand-woven crafts at Easter Weaving Room. Plus, enjoy a unique tour aboard a Creative Tourist Jeepney in Baguio, if it’s available.

Baguio Cultural  with Easter Weaving

7. Private Farm Day Tour in Tublay

Explore the lush farms of Tublay and discover a bounty of fresh fruits and organic plants. Visit Amando’s Lemon Farm to pick juicy lemons and Polig’s Farm to taste delicious berries. Learn about sustainable farming at Winnaca and the coffee-making process at DIY Brew. Indulge in a delicious outdoor lunch at Lily of the Valley. Plus, enjoy a unique tour aboard a Creative Tourist Jeepney in Baguio, if it’s available.

Private Farm Day Tour in Tublay

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