NBA Speaks Up About Controversial Moment in Warriors vs Lakers Game | March 16, 2024

Warriors vs Lakers

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The game between the Warriors vs Lakers ended in a strange way on Saturday night. It was an exciting game overall, but things got a bit weird towards the end. First, the shot clock started acting up, causing some confusion on the court. Then, there was a really long pause in the game while the referees checked if LeBron James had stepped out of bounds when he made a three-pointer late in the fourth quarter. This made the ending of the game even more intense, with fans anxiously waiting to see what would happen next. Despite the unusual turn of events, it showed how important it is for everyone to pay attention to the details, even in the heat of the game.

In a chat with Khobi Price from the Southern California News Group, Crew Chief David Guthrie explained the decision, saying…

“James’ left foot is out of bounds as he beings to shoot. Yes, it is reviewable at that time. The rule is Rule 13, Section II(f)(3): Whether the shooter committed a boundary line violation, the replay center official will only look at the position of the player’s feet at the moment they touch the floor immediately prior to the release of the shot. This can be applied during other replay triggers as well.”

When questioned about another significant moment in the late stages of the game, wherein the shot clock malfunctioned, Crew Chief David Guthrie elaborated on the incident. He clarified that during live play, there was a malfunction with the shot clock, which consequently allowed the Golden State Warriors to have an extended possession beyond the standard 24 seconds. However, Guthrie emphasized that this particular issue was not something that could be reviewed or subjected to further scrutiny according to the rules of the game. In simpler terms, it meant that despite the malfunction impacting the flow of the game, the referees were unable to reassess or alter the outcome of the possession based on this technical glitch.

Guthrie admitted that the referees should have spotted the shot clock problem, but once it happens, they can’t fix it afterwards.

Warriors vs Lakers: Wear Your TEAM!

Steph Curry’s Straightforward Thoughts After Warriors vs Lakers Game

Curry Warriors vs Lakers

The Golden State Warriors snagged a win against the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday night, thanks to a standout performance by Steph Curry. Curry, who was returning from an injury, had an impressive game, scoring 31 points, grabbing 6 rebounds, and dishing out 5 assists. His stellar performance in his comeback game was crucial in securing a much-needed victory for his team against Los Angeles.

This game marked the 50th showdown between Curry and LeBron James in regular season or playoff games, and it didn’t disappoint. James had an outstanding performance, scoring 40 points, dishing out 9 assists, and grabbing 8 rebounds. He played a key role in keeping his team competitive in the second half, especially without Anthony Davis on the court.

When asked about facing James again, Curry said this during the ESPN broadcast:

“They’re always going to talk about me and him, and obviously deservedly so, but it was about our total group tonight. [Jonathan Kuminga] getting off to a hot start, taking what the defense gave him, Klay [Thompson] coming off the bench with huge buckets, [Chris Paul] controlling the tempo the first six minutes of the fourth quarter, Draymond [Green] doing what he does. The list can go on. For us it takes a whole team to win, and we needed it. We needed it bad.”

Acknowledging that the win was a team effort, Curry praised his teammates after the game for uniting and securing a significant victory in Los Angeles.

Update on Anthony Davis’ Injury During Warriors vs Lakers Matchup

Davis, Warriors vs Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers’ top player Anthony Davis won’t be playing for the rest of Saturday’s game against the Golden State Warriors. This decision came after he got an eye injury, as reported by The Athletic’s Jovan Buha.

According to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, after the Warriors vs Lakers 128-121 victory game, Anthony Davis’ eye was seriously affected, with impaired vision and swelling that closed it shut due to the contact. Davis is currently under observation overnight and into Sunday to see if he’ll be fit to play in Monday’s game against the Atlanta Hawks.

Davis got accidentally poked in the eye by Warriors’ forward Trayce Jackson-Davis while he was trying to score in the first quarter. Before leaving the game, Davis managed to score eight points, grab four rebounds, and dish out two assists in just 12 minutes of play.

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